Burning Bridges

by Cashmir

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Original Mixtape.....


released December 1, 2011

Writer: Cash'mir
Producers: King Blue, Xavior (Brain Gang), Trakboy and Zeon
Mixed and Mastered by: Sherb (Fly Times Daily)



all rights reserved


Cashmir Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Nahhh
Verse 1:
She the type of girl, every time we go out. Hair, nails did looking like she bought the store out. Bad ass bitch looking like she bout to show out. I met her at my show, it was sold out. Backstage with the homies tryna get the low down, Im thinking she in the business. The way her body shaped, im thinking she into fitness. Really im independent she thinking im into benzes, thinking im into rollies, really im broke and lonely. Cause most of yall phonie, S/o to my real homies. Man these girls will tell you what ever, so my reply is like (like) what ever. Opportunity is given though, and if you fuck it up, your hypocritical. They save forgive and forget right, i don't know about that i just live life.

I was thinking you the one (echo)
(i was thinking you the one)
But now im like naw (echo)
(but now im like naw)

Verse 2:
She the type of girl, always on her shit. Likes to control, insecurity in men. But you suffer from the choices that you make, even though you were warned before you made the mistake. And i would let the past be the past, but the past is causing all the reaction, and current distraction. And if i take action, Damn she look good, movie star, baby action (applause). I keep falling for the same trap. I tell her leave she give me head and then she came back. Life's hard, but so was I, It's either her, or a hoe tonight. I keep going back and forth, what i teaser. I guess we both lose, i choose neither. Yep, yep, i choose neither. I thought you was the one, but now im leaving.

I was thinking you the one (echo)
(i was thinking you the one)
But now im like naw (echo)
(but now im like naw)